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Inside Out
Series Number: 52152
Inside Out offers a comprehensive introduction to psychology that goes beyond key concepts and principles to provide learners ? and anyone interested in the study of human behavior ? an up-to-date look at the evolving world of psychological science. The 22 video lessons combine interviews with leading experts and researchers; computer graphics and animation; and real-life case studies that tell the story of psychology from a human perspective.

Complete Series : K52152-002

Format: DVD

PPR Use: $1,079.00

Psychology: The Human Experience
Series Number: 51429
This telecourse offers insights into key concepts and principles of psychology through a focus on human experience. Interviews with subject matter experts, researchers, and other experts in the field of psychology are used to explain and apply psychological concepts in twenty-six 30-minute programs. Each video is a complete lesson, and utilizes original videography of biological processes, as well as historical and contemporary research. Stories of challenge, relationships, investigation, hope, and inspiration are told using original footage of real life case studies. Animated three-dimensional computer graphics of life processes and concepts are also incorporated in each lesson. (26 X 30:00)

Complete Series : K51429-003
Format: DVD

PPR Use: $1,195.00

Anthropology: The Four Fields
Series Number: 52318
Anthropology: The Four Fields introduces the central concepts, concerns, and research methods of cultural anthropology. It takes a cross-cultural approach to diverse subject areas, including subsistence patterns, political organization, the family, social organization, economics, kinship, language, the arts, and religion.

Complete Series : K52318-001
Format: DVD

PPR Use: $1,195.00

Complete Series : K52318-002
Format: Digital

PPR Use: $5,229.00