Distribution Access offers over 1500 Post Secondary titles available from AWARD WINNING PRODUCERS. Titles are available in Flash, WMV and MPEG4 format as well as customized formats for an additional fee. Build your own customized DIGITAL VIDEO LIBRARY or license the entire collection.

Major Producers we represent include:

The Mechanical Universe
In this series students are introduced to the study of physics in an engrossing, challenging fashion. The basic ideas of physics are presented, including the history of how these ideas were derived and the spirit and methods by which science operates.

Earth Revealed
Earth Revealed Classroom Adaptation introduces students to Earth's dynamic interacting systems showing how they relate to the development of life and how they help us unlock the secrets of our environment.

ANTHROPOLOGY: The Four Fields,

Branches on the Tree of Life
The Branches on the Tree of Life series of core curriculum programs explore the deep branches on the tree of life to reveala modern view of the classification and phylogeny of each group studied in biology curricula.

The Biology of Lakes, Ponds, Streams, and Wetlands
Introduces students to organisms that live in weedy shallows, open water, bottom debris, stream habitats and wetland habitats. The observations include the classical organisms studied in biology.

Aged Care: Communicating with Aged Care Residents
Effective communication with those elderly people living in residential care is the keystone to the delivery of high quality care - care that not only meets the physical needs of patients, but also mental, emotional, social and even spiritual care needs. This high quality program examines the basic elements of communication and how it can be enhanced to meet the care needs of older people who are living with hearing, vision, speech and cognitive losses.

Cerebellum, Canamedia Ltd., Channel 4 Learning, Direct Current Media, Discovery Canada/Exploration Productions, Governor’s State,  plus many more.

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