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Preserving the Legacy:Industrial Processes and Waste Stream Management
Series Number: 51256
Preserving the Legacy: Industrial Processes and Waste Stream Management, the companion series to Preserving the Legacy: Introduction to Environmental Technology, gives learners a unique look at hazardous waste sites, industrial facilities, equipment and technologies that might otherwise be inaccessible to them. This series covers physical, chemical, thermal and biological treatment technologies; pollution prevention; the petroleum, chemical, metal plating & finishing, semiconductor & electronics, papermaking, paint & surface coating, and food & agriculture industries. (15 x 30:00) Spanish Series: Conservando el Legado: Cuidando el Planeta ( 15 x 30:00 )

Complete Series : K51256-002

Format: DVD

PPR Use: $879.95

Complete Series : K51256-003
Format: Digital

PPR Use: $2227.50

The Endless Voyage
Series Number: 51244
The Endless Voyage focuses on the marine environment as a unique and important part of life on earth, and explores areas of interest and concern to students and scientists alike. Learners will explore the world's oceans, visiting locations they may never be able to see in a traditional classroom setting. Each video combines on-location footage with computer graphics in a way that is both engaging and informative. Individual case studies focus on polar and tropical extremes, an ongoing coastal project, and life at a major research institution. Learners will also hear from leading scientists and academicians whose work has helped define the field of oceanography. (26 x 30:00)

Complete Series : K51429-003
Format: DVD

PPR Use: $3,861.00