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Good Enough to Eat! Food Presentation and Service
The way food is styled and presented plays an important part in our perception of the overall appeal of a meal - whether at home or in a restaurant. Discussing the human body's five senses, this program demonstrates how we as humans assess food; addressing the sensory characteristics that people look for in a variety of meals. Through interviews with a chef, a food stylist and a nutritionist, we look at the many ways in which food can be presented; from basic parties through to silver service.
Product Number: P51688-001 Format: DVD
Running Time: 20:00 Production Year: 2010
Supplied By: Video Education Australasia   PPR Use: $95.00
Product Number: P51688-002 Format: Digital
  PPR Use: $249.00
No Accounting for Taste – Why We Eat What We Eat
This program investigates the factors that play significant roles in determining the foods we love and those we just can't stomach! With help from nutritionist Ros Ryan, and the experiences and opinions of everyday people from around the world, we reveal the physiological, psychological, social, and economic factors that affect our choice of foods. From satiety - our bodies telling us whether we are hungry or full - to positive and negative associations we have with certain foods, and the impact of culture, religion, lifestyle, peers, and the media, this is a rewarding examination of why we prefer certain types of foods over others.
Product Number: P53452-001 Format: DVD
Running Time: 17:00 Production Year: 2011
Supplied By: Video Education Australasia   PPR Use: $129.00
Product Number: P53452-002 Format: Digital
  PPR Use: $249.00

Smart Food, Healthy Body
This program takes us outside to an athletics track and inside to a battle of minds over a chessboard - exploring how nutrition plays a critical role in maintaining both a healthy body and mind. Our presenter, aided by young competitors, guides us through the role that nutrients play in our diets and the positive outcomes that can be achieved by making healthy and balanced food choices. We finish by taking a look at the journey food takes through our body showing how nutrients are taken in and waste products removed.
Product Number: P53679-001 Format: DVD
Running Time: 14:00 Production Year: 2010
Supplied By: Video Education Australasia   PPR Use: $95.00
Product Number: P53679-002 Format: Digital
  PPR Use: $249.00
The Changing World of Food Packaging
Visy Packaging and Recycling and Vision Pack - in our quest to understand the ins and outs of food packaging. We begin by explaining why food is packaged and outlining the advantages and disadvantages of traditional metal, glass, cardboard and foil packaging. We then examine the impact of changing consumer demands on packaging trends and continue with a detailed exploration of modern plastic packaging, modified atmosphere packaging and aseptic packaging. We conclude with a special insight into the development of new sustainable packaging, such as the starch-based 'Plantic', which can be composted at home.
Product Number: P53418-001 Format: DVD
Running Time: 18:00 Production Year: 2010
Supplied By: Video Education Australasia   PPR Use: $139.00
Product Number: P53418-002 Format: Digital
  PPR Use: $249.00