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Mental Health Nursing
Series Number: 50741
Follow along with this series of vignettes where nurses interact with clients experiencing a wide range of mental health challenges. In each situation there are two scenarios, the novice scenario helps students to see and anticipate some of the more common errors that a student nurse may make when first dealing with these clients. In contrast the expert scenario shows students how a mental health nurse with more advanced skills and knowledge would handle these situations. This series of examples is a valuable learning tool for nurses preparing to enter the mental health field. (5 x 30:00)

Complete Series : K50741-003

Format: DVD

PPR Use: $579.00

Practical Nursing Skills
Product Number: P50742-002
As the need for licensed practical nurses grows each year, so does the necessity for quality nursing educational material. The following series of video clips provides nursing students with the opportunity to gain the required knowledge and complex skill sets of a licensed practical nurse. Follow along as each of the 16 modules and 2 case studies show the specific steps involved in common nursing procedures.

Format: CD ROM

PPR Use: $129.00

A New Look at Aging
Series Number: 50771
A look at the aging process which begins from the time we are born and continues throughout life. Our environment, nutrition, activity patterns and lifestyle affect how we age. Baby boomers, who are now approaching 65 years of age, are beginning to ask questions about their own future and have questions about their aging family members and friends. Older adults, finding that they are living longer than expected, are wondering how to best address some of the issues confronting them and individuals are looking for information to help them age as healthily as possible. As a society, we are looking for ways to respond to the growing numbers of older adults. (6 x 60:00)

Complete Series : K50771-001

Format: DVD

PPR Use: $329.00

Cultural Diversity in Nursing Practice
Professional nursing requires a highly sophisticated set of communication skills. Every day, nurses must effectively communicate with people of differing religions, ages, sexes and cultures. To deliver the most appropriate and effective medical treatment to such a broad spectrum of people, nurses must have an understanding of the way different cultures interact. Framed as a discussion forum, this program offers a starting point for training in transcultural nursing.
Product Number: P53433-001 Format: DVD
Running Time: 60:00 Production Year: 2010
Supplied By: Video Education Australasia PPR Use: $139.00
Ethics and Legal Concepts in Nursing: Introduction
This program provides an introduction to ethics in the context of nursing practice and health care. The program explores concept definitions used in health care, the philosophical principles of health care and the process of ethical decision making. A brief commentary from experienced nurses, a nursing academic and a clinical nurse, explores the sometimes complex issues of ethics in nursing practice and health care. This program offers an overview of key points and provides a starting point for exploring ethical issues in nursing practice and health care.
Product Number: P53433-001 Format: DVD
Running Time: 30:00 Production Year: 2009
Supplied By: Video Education Australasia PPR Use: $139.00
Ethics and Legal Concepts in Nursing: Consent
Nurses deal with people and often those with whom they deal are highly vulnerable. Nurses have a duty of care to patients and their professional demands ethical behaviour and treatment of those in their care at all times. This program deals with patients and consent. The following chapters are included: Consent in Health Care Overview, Common Dilemma’s Case Study 1, Common Dilemma’s Case Study 2, Ethical Issues for Consent, Legal Issues for Consent and Professional Issue for Consent.
Product Number: P53432-001 Format: DVD
Running Time: 24:00 Production Year: 2009
Supplied By: Video Education Australasia PPR Use: $139.00
Medical Diary Series
Aortic Time Bomb - After being diagnosed with an abdominal aortic aneurysm, Cliff Godwin discusses his family's history of heart problems and the severity of his situation. The program follows Cliff and his wife Betty as doctors perform tests to evaluate Cliff's treatment options and determine the best course of action. When denied for less invasive procedures, Cliff decides he must have open surgery to repair the potentially fatal condition. In the operating room, surgeons show how a stent is used to strengthen the wall of an artery as well as share the risks and complications that can accompany the procedure. *NOTE: This video contains actual surgical procedures. Please review before showing. Conquering Crouzon's - For patients with severe facial deformities, craniofacial surgery offers a chance at a normal life. The program introduces Melissa, a young woman who suffers from Crouzon's syndrome. A genetic disease, Crouzon's causes the bones in the face and skull to fuse too early, resulting in facial abnormalities. Melissa hopes surgery will help correct her problem and boost her physical and emotional well-being. Kicking Nicotine - Follows one man's struggle to quit smoking and emphasizes how support from loved ones can help a smoker beat his addiction. The program introduces Dutch, who has been smoking for fifteen years, and accompanies him to a stop-smoking therapy group at his local hospital. Along with group therapy, Dutch receives a nicotine patch to help reduce his physical cravings. Living with Autism - Autism is a neurological disorder that leads to problems with verbal and nonverbal communication, rigid behaviors, and poor social interactions. The program describes what life is like for autistic children, some of the early warning signs, and the resources available for autistic children.
Product Number: P53136-001 (DVD 4 - PACK) Format: DVD
Running Time: 22:00 Production Year: 2001
Supplied By: Discovery Education Inc PPR Use: $230.00
Titles In Series:  
Aortic Time Bomb  
Product Number: P53136-002 PPR Use: $99.00
Conquering Crouzon’s  
Product Number: P53136-003 PPR Use: $99.00
Kicking Nicotine  
Product Number: P53136-004 PPR Use: $99.00
Living With Autism  
Product Number: P53136-005 PPR Use: $99.00
Nutrition Pathways : A Introduction to Nutrition
Addresses the basic chemical and scientific aspects of nutrition and provides practical information on the major nutrients, nutritional needs during the life cycle, and the relationship between nutrition and lifestyle. Profiles real people in real situations utilizing experts and professionals associated with nutrition to reveal to students how nutrition and lifestyle choices can have an impact on their lives.
Product Number: P52129-027 (Complete Set) Format: DVD
Running Time: 30:00 Production Year: 1996
Supplied By: Dallas County Community College PPR Use: $230.00
Titles In Series:  
Nutrition Basics  
Product Number: P52129-028 PPR Use: $99.00
The Digestion System  
Product Number: P52129-029 PPR Use: $99.00
Carbohydrates: Simple and Complex  
Product Number: P52129-030 PPR Use: $99.00
Carbohydrates: Fibre  
Product Number: P52129-031 PPR Use: $99.00
Fats: The Lipid Family  
Product Number: P52129-032 PPR Use: $99.00
Fats: Health Effects  
Product Number: P52129-033 PPR Use: $99.00
Protein: Form and Function  
Product Number: P52129-034 PPR Use: $99.00
The Protein Continuum  
Product Number: P52129-035 PPR Use: $99.00
Product Number: P52129-036 PPR Use: $99.00
Weight Control: Energy Regulation  
Product Number: P52129-037 PPR Use: $99.00
Weight Control: Health Effects  
Product Number: P52129-038 PPR Use: $99.00
Water-Soluble Vitamins  
Product Number: P52129-039 PPR Use: $99.00
Fat-Soluble Vitamins  
Product Number: P52129-040 PPR Use: $99.00
Major Minerals and Water  
Product Number: P52129-041 PPR Use: $99.00
Trace Minerals  
Product Number: P52129-042 PPR Use: $99.00
Physical Activity: Fitness Basics  
Product Number: P52129-043 PPR Use: $99.00
Physical Activity: Beyond Fitness  
Product Number: P52129-044 PPR Use: $99.00
Lifecycle: Pregnancy  
Product Number: P52129-045 PPR Use: $99.00
Lifecycle: Lactation and Infancy  
Product Number: P52129-046 PPR Use: $99.00
Lifecycle: Childhood and Adolescence  
Product Number: P52129-047 PPR Use: $99.00
Lifecycle: Adulthood and Aging  
Product Number: P52129-048 PPR Use: $99.00
Diet and Health: Cardiovascular Disease  
Product Number: P52129-049 PPR Use: $99.00
Diet and Health: Cancer, Immunology, and Acids  
Product Number: P52129-050 PPR Use: $99.00
Diet and Health: Diabetes  
Product Number: P52129-051 PPR Use: $99.00
Consumer Concerns and Food Safety  
Product Number: P52129-052 PPR Use: $99.00
Applied Nutrition  
Product Number: P52129-053 PPR Use: $99.00
Nutrition for Life One – Pregnancy, Infancy & Childhood
This program aims to educate students about the nutrients required for optimal growth and development across the lifespan. It will explore patterns of physical development during prenatal development through to late adulthood and the nutrients required to support both growth and maintenance of the human body.
Product Number: P50632-001 Format: DVD
Running Time: 30:00 Production Year: 2006
Supplied By: Video Education Australasia PPR Use: $95.00
Nutrition for Life Two – Youth, Adulthood & Late Adulthood
Part two in the Nutrition For Life, this program will explore the nutrient needs of adolescence/youth and adulthood.
Product Number: P50632-002 Format: DVD
Running Time: 25:00 Production Year: 2006
Supplied By: Video Education Australasia PPR Use: $95.00