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Astronomy: Observations and Theories
Series Number: 51420
Instructionally designed as an integrated learning system, Astronomy: Observations and Theories consists of 20 video programs, and a recommended textbook from Brooks/Cole Thomson Learning. This series was produced with the guidance of a National Academic Advisory Committee, which consisted of practitioners and theoreticians in the fields of astronomy, planetary science, and astrophysics. The advisory committee developed the course themes, reviewed and refined lesson topics and specific learning objectives, and evaluated treatments and scripts for content accuracy. Astronomy: Observations and Theories can be used as a supplementary resource or a complete one-semester college-level course. It explores a broad range of astronomy topics, concepts, and principles, from the motions of the visible sky to dark matter, from our own planet to the stars and galaxies. For textbook information and purchase, please contact Brooks/Cole Thomson Learning.

Complete Series : K51420-002

Format: DVD

PPR Use: $1,195.00